Financial System Regulatory Model Analysis

 Out of 132 possible models, advice on how, when and where to change a model to match the stage of economic and social development

Basel II Compliance Advice

 Analysis and advisory work on how best to implement Basel II for the type of financial institution, and its stage of development

Operating Risk Analysis

 Detection of Operating Risk Weaknesses, advice on which system to introduce, implementation and feedback advice.

Corporate Restructuring

Spin offs, amalgamations, takeovers, share issues, preparation of prospectuses, buybacks.

Financial & Business Training

Preparation and delivery of courses on all aspects of accounting, financial management, corporate finance, commercial bank management, financial service provisions, credit and investment assessments, corporate financial analysis.

Investigations of Fraud

Detection of asset misappropriations, fraudulent reporting and corruption in both a public and private setting; preparation of expert reports; tracking proceeds of crime; recovery of monies fraudulently misappropriated; specialist in bank secrecy and tax havens.

International Negotiations

Expert assessment of financial system structures and regulations, stages of development. Targeted applications for financial assistance at both a corporate and government level when operating in an emerging nation. Training courses often assist in effecting attitudinal change.

Risk Assessment

Three decades experience in project finance and operational risk as well as strategic risk assessment.

Corporate Governance

Design of optimum structures to ensure transparency, accountability and appropriate systems to manage enterprise risk.

Forensic Accounting

Analysis of financial statements, reconstruction of cash flows, enterprise and discourse analysis, in order to detect situations that would predispose an individual to fraud, or induce a corporation to perpetrate deliberate or inadvertent misuse of resources. Also used to detect the point at which insolvency occurred or is likely to occur, in cases of concern to stakeholders. Useful to all stakeholders in assessing rights to damages. Quantifications of economic losses experienced by stakeholders.

Corporate Troubleshooting

Detection of fraud using Cressey’s fraud analysis and other forensic accounting measures can isolate areas of risk and vulnerabilities in order to develop a plan and strategy for coping with both existing and emerging problems.

Contract Evaluation

Contract assessment in relation to project finance, sale of intellectual property or research and development.

Structuring of PPPs, PFIs and privatisations of SOBs

Assessment of the stage of corporatisation of the entity, as well as the contestability of the marketplace, and the sophistication of stakeholders in order to design the appropriate structure and mix of public private sector involvement. Dr Currie has written and worked in this area for many years.